Brilliant Ways To Manage Pressure Washer Injuries

Brilliant Ways To Manage Pressure Washer Injuries

Do you use a pressure washer that produces more than 100psi? If yes, you need to watch out for potential accidents, as the higher the pressure, the more attention is required when handling the machine. For injuries associated with the use of pressure washers, you need to seek immediate medical attention before the situation worsens. However, if you cannot get the help you need immediately, there are some ways to follow that can help you manage pressure washer injuries.

Pressure washers can cause injuries like muscle friction, wounds, and limiting blood flow. Generally, the go-to first aid treatment for most pressure washer wounds is to put pressure on the affected spot first and then clean the area with fresh water and a disinfectant. After which, you ensure to dry the wound before applying a bandage and using a clean fabric to cover it.

This article focuses on the commonest injuries associated with pressure washers and the brilliant ways to manage them. However, it should be noted that when pressure washers run without water, they are not likely to cause any damage compared to when fully pumped with water and used carelessly.

4 Brilliant Ways To Manage Pressure Washer Injuries


Abrasions are pressure water injuries that cause scrapes and scratches on the skin. To manage such, it would be best if you endeavored to wear protective gear, including long pants, gloves, and covered shoes. Also, you should avoid directing the pressure washer towards yourself and others. Instead, point it towards the area you want to clean and pull the trigger, but be careful not to spray your hands, feet, and legs.

Slip and falls

Slip, and falls are caused when you use a pressure washer on a wet or slippery surface or even in cold climate environments. It can also occur when you use the device on a ladder or an elevated surface whereby the pressure of the water spray can throw you off balance, usually resulting in hospitalization or, in worst cases, death. To manage such an incident, you should assess the working area of the cleaning task at hand and note how the water will impact the surface. Also, ensure you use the ideal safety harnesses when using pressure washers on elevated platforms like ladders, lifts, or cranes.

High-Pressure Injection (HPI) infection

HPI causes infections that could lead to amputation or permanent disability. Still, you can manage the risks associated by simply using a fan spray tip or a wide-angle that allows the pressure to be utilized in more expansive spaces.

Blindness and eye injuries

Pressure washers emit harmful debris and a splash of chemicals that could cause harm to your eyes or even blindness when pointed directly in your sight. Safety goggles and glasses can help resist the elements; however, you will need to consult a doctor or medical professional if the substances infect your eyes.


Injuries sustained when using pressure washers may appear non-threatening such that you may ignore them. Instead, you can follow the above brilliant ways to manage pressure washer injuries, or you could go ahead to get the wound checked and treated with the help of a medical expert.